Born in Hungary, Sara immigrated to Israel after World War II. She joined the Israeli Army and was discharged 7 years later with the rank of Captain. She is a graduate of the Education Program of the Seminar of the Kibbutzim, and the New York Medical College in Psychomotor Therapy. Sara arrived in the United States from Israel during the summer of 1986. She is a member of the Connecticut Sculpture Association and at present resides with her husband Trumbull, CT.

Studying sketching with Sala Russota, Yitzak Frenel, and Bogen, Sara participated in summer art seminars of the Art Colony in Sefad, Israel. She studied sculpting in workshops in Bet Hagefen in Haifa, Israel, in Carrara and Pietra Santa, Italy. She has also studied and participated in painting classes with David Dunlop and Tom Brenner, and Printmaking classes with Linda Adato, at the Silvermine Guild, New Canaan, CT. In addition she has also taken classes in Woodcut and Monotype at Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT. Her 9 foot sculpture "Wings of Peace" is standing on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Her works can be found in the War Memorial Museum in Newport News, VA, in the Jewish Museum in Budapest, Hungary, as well as in private collections in Israel, England, Hungary, Canada, Austria, South America, and in the United States.

In the United States she has exhibited at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport CT, as well as the Nature Museum in Stamford, CT. In January of 2007, she is scheduled to have a solo exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Channel 30 in Bridgeport has interviewed her and numerous articles have been published about her in the local newspapers. A review in the New York Times following a Stamford Nature Museum Exhibition stated "in the category of exotic flora as opposed to fauna are the sea flowers of Sara Aldouby in onyx - but they look as if they are carved in precious jade." Her works have also appeared in "DECOR", and "DESIGN" magazines.

Sara also conducts classes for adults and children in terra cotta, and stone carving in marble, onyx, and other various stones at her studio in Trumbull,CT.